8. 2. 2013

Spikes & Leather

Helloooo everyone, how you doing? I've been so busy, plus I had birthday and then I got sick and I was lying in a bed and dying, but before that, I went shopping. woohooo :D I bought so many new stuff. This is one of them. New spiked shirt, little bit transparent (like my bra? :D) and black skirt, yikes I love it. Oh and I am wearing my new earing. I realy like it, beacuse I can wear only gold or silver on my ears. I think I am alergic to costume jewellery or something, but this one you can just hang on your ear. Look so fancy :)
So enjoy, I hope you like it. Have a nice day and I looooove you <3

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10 komentárov:

  1. Love the leather skirt so so so much and that blouse is so incredible as well!!

    Have a nice weekend,
    Mary x

  2. Your blog is absolutely lovely! the outfit is super cute, love the skirt!

    feel free to check me out: http://blonde-frosting.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi dear, you look amazing, love the leather skirt!

  4. im so jealous, you look so chic love!

  5. Nice skirt! I like the shape of it!


  6. Hav A NIce Look dear SuperB
    <a href="http://locasure.blogspot.com>Admiaralbe</a>


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