24. 5. 2013

Fab prom dresses

Annyeong my lovely readers :) How are you? Hope you're all fine. Another post about one of my favourite online stores Persunmall is here. Today's theme is prom dresses 2013. I think it's always better to look for a perfect dress sooner, beacuse "last minutes" isn't really good idea. I mean all the great dresses are already taken and that stress about it, uff :/ So, maybe you can start right now :D Not kidding, better soon the too late. And I can help you with that. Persunmall - online store with modern clothes for women and men, cool shoes, fabulous bags and cute accessories also offers you dresses with great prices. Too shame my prom was a long time ago, beacuse I would definitely shop for my prom dress here. This is my two favourite dress that I just can't decided, which one is better. Yes, I'd love to look like princess :D

I also added a few more pics of their gorgeous dresses, beacuse they are too cute and have to be shown. You can find long or short dresses, various materials, pattern and in all diferent colors. I must say, it's really hard to choose one :D So don't hasitate and go check it out. You can also check for shoes and some accessories for your prom. Go, go, go. You won't regret. Enjoy ;)

P.S. Please leave me a comment, which one of the chosen dresses you like the most :)


Awwh this one are so cute and romantic :)

For girls who likes colors.

Simple but so beautiful.

...and little closer. Look at the wondeful handmade corset with beads and pearls :)

Just fabulous!!!

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  1. Hello, I would like to follow us to each other? let me know

    Great post, I like your style of blog.


  2. Great post! Beautiful green dress!
    Best wishes,

  3. I love the blue dress!


  4. jsou krasne saty) kez bych mohla nosit dlouhe saty:DD

  5. Thanks for your great post:) This article is so popular that the dress is very unique Pink Prom Dresses


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