19. 7. 2013

Black? Yes!

Hello everyone :) How are you all doing? Enjoying the summer? I went shopping these week and bought some cool stuff, so I am gonna make and "new in" post, probably tommorow for you :) Today, I would like to talk about one of my fav online stores - Persunmall. Wonderful shop with everything what a stylish girl need and want - cool clothes, bags, accessories, jewellery, wedding dresses. And of course dresses for special occasions. But let's talk about something specific which if is black formal dresses. Like I said many times, black is always good. Suits everyone, makes us look slimer and you can wear it with accessories with any color. Always a great choice! :)

Black is not good for a summer?
Wrong :D Black is great for summer. They offers you also short dresses, not only long. So, what I suggest for fans of black color? Add some colorful accessories, maybe a headband with flower and you are good to go :) Be different! Don't wear neon dress, like the other girls on your party :P

Diamonds are forever
I added a few pics of their dresses, so when you take a closer look, you can see, that lot of them has a beautiful beading like a diamonds. I really love dresses with "diamonds", beacuse I feel like a princess (Don't forget to wear your invisible crown all the time). Btw those beads and pearls are sewed by their tailors - handmade.

Big selection, quality, great prices and fast shipping .> that's Persun. Go check them out and find your favourite piece.
And for my followers/bloggers - you can still join their promoter program, if you like write articles like this and get some benefits.
Thanks for reading and see you with another persun post :)

P.S. Pls leave me a comment wich one of my chosen dresses, you like the most ;)

These dresses are great for proms, coctail and other parties.

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