4. 7. 2013

Gold chain & review

Hello everyone! How are you all? Enjoying the summer? I just wanted to show you guys my new gorgeous necklace from Clothingloves. I've been looking for this gold lion chain for a really long time and they have it!!! I was so happy :D Speaking of Clothinloves, some of you who's been following my blog know them, but who doesn't, they are online store selling stylish clothes for women and men, wedding dresses, bags, accessories and jewelery of course. They are known for their fast delivery, quality products, profesional services and great prices. They are adding new stuff every day, so you should stay tuned ;)
A wide selection of quality clothes and if those clothes doesn't fit you (I really doubt that :D ), you may return them within 7 days for a refund or 15 days for an exchange. Sounds like a fair deal ;)
So don't hesitate and go go go check them out, you won't regret :P I also added my faourite photos of today's triple topic. Just click on the caption and you are there. Pls leave me a comment which piece of the pics you like the most. Enjoy and see you with another reviews.
Love you all :)    xoxo  Veronica

P.S. Dúfam, že sa moji slovenskí a českí čitatelia nehnevajú, že nepíšem v našom jazyku, ale tieto reviews musím písať po anglicky. Za pochopenie ďakujem a prajem pekný dník :)


10 komentárov:

  1. I have the same lion necklace, it's great:)


  2. Śliczny naszyjnik. Bardzo mi się podoba^^
    Pozdrawiam ;*


  3. I kindly invite u to join Persun giveaway! And win summer clothes or 100$ gift card! Just 3 simple rules! Here is the link http://mooreann.blogspot.com/2013/07/give-them-away.html
    All the best

  4. I love chunky golden neklcaces and your is so fancy!

  5. great necklace

    Happy Friday


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