31. 3. 2014

Dream heels

Hello everyone :) How are you all? Hope you're all good. Today post is about women's pashion - heels.
You just can't get enought right? I decided make this post to show you, what I am dreaming of. I have so much heels, but most of them are black. I think it is time to make some changes and bring some colors to my wardrobe. And I found the right place. These are my favourite and what I really want and need, gorgeous heels :)

Oh, look at these colors. So great for the spring outside.  I am totally in love with them!!!
1  2  3

And of course my favourite red one, some spikes and hiiiiigh heel :D
1  2  3

So this is my dreamy heels :) Is there some pair that you want to own too? Pls let me know if you like my selection and if you found your favourite :) Have a nice day girls                xoxo Veronica

4 komentáre:

  1. great shoes , i loved the red one
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  2. So nice shoes!!! I love all of them!!

  3. wow ! fantastic shoes



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